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  • Our brain-parts define what we are

    Our brain-parts define what we are

    This is the school of knowledge transfer in which the learning fields of brainpage theory are launched in the classroom like the workplace of knowledge transfer.

  • Default education running in schools

    Default education running in schools

    Motivation, cognition and instruction of the teaching theories can’t process the learnography of knowledge transfer to student’s brain regions. It is obvious that many kids dislike the learning of maths courses in school system. Some of the students fail in the tests of mathematics. It means teaching system is not good in the learning transfer and brainpage development of maths chapters. There are seven dimensions of maths knowledge transfer to apply in brainpage making process and problem solving activities. The brainpage theory of learnography makes maths chapter very simple in classroom learning transfer.

  • Homework stress in school ecosystem

    Homework stress in school ecosystem

    Educators can’t believe that teaching is the waste of school hours. A child becomes highly stressed and afraid from the massive loads of homework in school system. We must appreciate that teaching presentation couldn’t induce brain plasticity for the knowledge transfer of subject matter. It is fact that homework is not helpful for learning retention, and often is more harmful than it is beneficial. We have to appreciate the truth that our children must feel free at home. Human brain of the students needs the evening to unwind, likes to spend time with family and friends and pursues the hobbies or other interests of social or cognitive drives.

  • Kids communicating in two languages

    Kids communicating in two languages

    Content and dimension are the important parts of learning process in direct school. Book is the storehouse of knowledge contents. Dimensions are applied to transfer knowledge objects from source book to student’s brain in brainpage making process.

  • Focused attention required in kid’s learning transfer

    Focused attention required in kid’s learning transfer

    It is amazing fact that a student can modulate 20,000 brainpage modules in one complete academic span of 15 years, but he needs only 5,000 brainpage modules to be intelligent in the learning process of knowledge transfer. Brainpage development is everything in the classroom that produces high performing students in school system.

  • Kids Learnography

    Kids Learnography

    Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. This is the main theme of school learnography. The working mechanism of student’s brain is significant to the school system of knowledge transfer. And brainpage module is the software of working mechanism to apply motor science in reading, writing and understanding.

  • Why is classroom teaching biologically observed as the waste of school hours?

    Why is classroom teaching biologically observed as the waste of school hours?

    School time is mostly spent on motivational teaching activities and it continues for 12 years in children’s brain. Everyday homework is given to pupils for practice, writing and learning. We know that home isn’t school and parents are not teachers. Whole learning must be completed in school hours and it is possible in the brainpage theory of learnography.

  • Windows System of knowledge transfer

    Windows System of knowledge transfer

    Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s brain has advanced working mechanism to conduct knowledge transfer in learning process.

  • Eye of knowledge transfer

    Eye of knowledge transfer

    Learning of the base objects reflects the definition spectrum of knowledge transfer for understanding and writing. The second dimension of learning transfer is definition spectrum and it is produced by the prefrontal cortex and visual cortex of brain. The eye of knowledge transfer is the prefrontal cortex of student’s brain which deals with logic, planning, decision and execution. Teaching performance won’t be necessary for understanding and learning if students rehearse and make the brainpage neuro-modules of object definitions in the classroom.

  • Taxshila Model School System

    Taxshila Model School System

    Learning from teachers and learning from brainpage modulation both are different approaches in school system. School learnography is not school education. It deals with the science of learning mechanism to prepare the brainpage modules of knowledge chapters in the classroom. The learnography of book to brain knowledge transfer can draw the sketch of pathways that leads to the destiny of progressive working life.