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Development of bullying incidents in schools

Learning mechanism of student’s brain is never utilized to understand the subject matter of chapters. Obviously, students go to school for knowledge transfer and brainpage development which are necessary to be high performing kids in school ecosystem. The amygdala system and hippocampal compass of brain are important to restore learning, writing and memory modulation for problem solving activities.

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What is the organic control of corona virus and its transmission?

D2 solution of plant decomposers is prepared from culture, jaggery and mustard cakes. It may be used in spraying, washing and bathing to protect individuals from the infection of covid19. It’s organic control, not chemical sanitizer.

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Time and efforts of classroom should be utilized for knowledge transfer, not for high class teaching

This is the great drawback of school education in which high class teaching is emphasized, but book to brain learning transfer is never focused in classroom. Ultimately, students will suffer in achievement and won’t succeed in knowledge transfer and brainpage development.