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  • What is the taxshila innovative phase of knowledge transfer for school children?

    Mathematics becomes interesting subject like the learning of bike riding or horse galloping when we use motor science in the learning transfer of classroom.

  • Learning drives of student’s brain generated from worked out examples

    Whole knowledge becomes difficult in learning transfer to student’s brain circuits. As for example, breaking is one dimension and building is another dimension of learning development. The brainpage of worked out example is developed by the third dimension of knowledge transfer known as block solver. It’s effective in goal oriented task operation (GOTO).

  • Taxshila Model School System

    Learning from teachers and learning from brainpage modulation both are different approaches in school system. School learnography is not school education. It deals with the science of learning mechanism to prepare the brainpage modules of knowledge chapters in the classroom. The learnography of book to brain knowledge transfer can draw the sketch of pathways that leads to the destiny of progressive working life.

  • Personalized Knowledge Transfer

    Smart brainpage of solutions will produce high performing students in the classroom of high speed learning transfer. In fact, the dimension of module builder launches the solution building process of chapter tasks in the collaborative classroom. The cerebellar basal ganglia motor circuitry of human brain describes the visuo-motor learnography of knowledge transfer which is very powerful to reflect positive changes in the attitude and behavior of student’s brain.

  • Mathematics in brain, body and behavior

    Students become small teachers to make brainpage in the learning transfer of mathematics. It is fact that mathematics is the root of all types of knowledge learning, therefore, all subjects should be learnt in the classroom like the learning dimensions of mathematics.

  • Chapter brain, limbic brain and core brain of knowledge transfer for high performing kids

    Pain and pleasure are the fundamental feelings of human beings. In education system, the teacher is considered as the pain of classroom but the brainpage theory of school learnography can change this feeling into the pleasure and helping hand of classroom.

  • Mathematics is the root of all subjects for effective classroom learning transfer

    Mathematics becomes difficult in the cognitive teaching of classroom but the application of motor science makes it simple and comfortable in learning process. Question is the first dimension of knowledge transfer because it reflects the function and reactance of learning matrix. Also it can change the direction of interaction, preparation and responses.

  • How was the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer evolved from the classroom of maths chapter?

    Brainpage theory is not hypothesis but the reality of classroom learning transfer. The dimensions of knowledge transfer have been evolved from the brainpage development of worked out examples in the classroom of mathematics. Block solver launches the breaking process of knowledge transfer known as differential learnography.

  • What are the differences between talking school and brainpage school?

    In neurological analysis, teaching process is considered as the one way talking of brain circuits. Instead of making brainpage in the classroom, young brains are motivated to watch and listen to teaching performance. Brain science of the learning transfer is not working in school system and student’s brainpage is not modulated in classroom for knowledge transfer. So, we have to convert talking classroom into brainpage making school. In fact, teaching system is not working on the brain science of learning transfer.

  • Learning transfer in mathematics is similar to the modular brain learning of bike riding

    The development of brainpage and high volume gray matter gives consistent deep learning to the cognitive part of brain circuits. Module building page in the object language of learnography can be made for the memory formation of long hours, defined as the stability in learning transfer. To apply the motor knowledge of brain circuits is the basic design of knowledge transfer in mathematics.