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Subject teacher is the real task moderator for book to brain knowledge transfer in school learnography

What is education and why is it running in school system? Our students require knowledge transfer from the books and we are providing the teaching of motivational instructions. Association cortex of human brain is main part to produce the learnogram of knowledge transfer in school learnography. In traditional school system, teaching performance is the conventional method of knowledge transfer. All types of knowledge such as rational, emotional, cognitive, academic as well as intuitive are finally converted into motor knowledge to write and enhance the brainpage of cerebellar #learnography.

Education Learnography Modulation School 2020

Students make smart brainpage in real learning

School system must observe relativity theory of differential learnography to produce smart brainpage. Learning from brainpage is remarkable to achieve high academic success.

Education Learnography Modulation Neuroscience

Driving force of working mechanism comes from amygdala system of brain

Spectrum of learning objects is found poor in many students. So amygdala system of brain is not working properly in learning process and students do not understand knowledge chapters in classroom.

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High class learnograph of brainpage makes high academic performance

Brainpage modulation is the brain writing of knowledge chapters. An author makes the objectgraphs of fact and thought on paper, but the subject moderator of classroom writes learnographs in children’s brain.

Education Learnography Neuroscience School 2020

Big teacher can change students into small teachers by applying brainpage theory of knowledge transfer

School learnography and brainpage theory can change students into the small teachers of classroom.