Started blogsite on December 6th and this is also launch date of WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg Editor and Twenty Nineteen Theme

WordPress is moving to right direction that Gutenberg block editor is coming to design the modular layout of intuitive webpage.

Brainpage module of the learning is the building block of book to brain knowledge transfer. It is obvious that learnography is the programming of brainpage modules which activates the working mechanism of brain circuits for knowledge transfer in classroom learning operation system (CLOS). Today is the two years happy anniversary of learnography blogsite with Two years ago, on 6th December I started Learnography Site on to write about the system of knowledge transfer running in school education. The teaching theory of learning transfer is not effective in classroom to activate the learning circuits of student’s brain. So I developed the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer based on the seven dimensions of brain learnography.

Highlights :

  • Happy anniversary of learnography with is on the 6th December.
  • Learnography is the future of school education for progressive knowledge transfer.
  • WordPress 5.0 release is scheduled for 6th December, 2018.
  • Gutenberg Block Editor and Twenty Nineteen Theme will be also launched.

We know that block segments are really the building blocks of our articles, front page and websites. The most important fact is that the Gutenberg editor is modular in editing and working, and it is more comfortable to the working mechanism of our brain. The new concept of Gutenberg editor is visually editing block, so content writing is focused instead of complex code writing. Magnificent webpage is designed with its unique features. I’m very excited that block editor is similar to learning modules of brain in design and functions that I included in the brainpage theory of learnography and knowledge transfer.

Website development is the main aspect of content management system (CMS) and advanced editor is required to design and edit the look of webpage. Gutenberg is a take on a new editor for WordPress. It is named after, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. The current visual editor on WordPress requires a lot of things to utilize shortcodes and HTML to make things work better. The goal of Gutenberg editor is to make this easier, especially for those just starting with WordPress. The new users are embracing and will hope to add more advanced layout options in future.

WordPress ecosystem is important for the developers of website software. School system runs in the ecosystem of knowledge transfer in which teachers, students, parents, administration and learning material resources are involving to make high performing classrooms.

Block is a new modular advanced tool for building, writing and engaging contents of the posts and articles. With blocks, we can insert, rearrange and style multimedia content with very little technical skills and knowledge. Instead of using custom code, we can add a block and will focus on our content writing. Gutenberg is more than an editor. It’s also the foundation that will revolutionize customization and site building in the WordPress.

Gutenberg editor is only module builder and so it cannot replace page builders. Instead, the block editor may help page builders to design the outstanding layout and functions of websites. It may be possible in future to replace page builders by advanced technology and that is artificial intelligence (AI) developed by modular programming. At present, we haven’t written any modular programming language as yet. Don’t worry, so Gutenberg will be proved as a helping hand to hard working dedicated page builders or highly skilled website developers.

Zeidstream of the human brain is the builder of ecosystem in which book to brainpage knowledge transfer runs smoothly to achieve professional skill, knowledge and productive merit in academic performance.

Gutenberg relies on a block-style system, rather than a traditional text-based format. This makes the editor easy to add visual elements to an article. Gutenberg is going to change completely the visual editing experience of web design by moving to a block based approach to the content of page. It’s functioning more on exactly what blocks are presented and activated in visual reality working environment.

The feature of Gutenberg block editor is a new way forward. It looks at the editor as more than a content field, revisiting a layout that has been largely unchanged for almost a decade. This project allows The WordPress Project to holistically design a modern editing experience and build a foundation for things to come. Gutenberg is really users friendly block editor, while current focus is on content creation. The eventual goal is to have Gutenberg to go beyond the post into page templates and ultimately full site customization. It means that eventually we will be able to design and build our whole site using Gutenberg, including landing page, blog, contact page and other important contents.

WordPress is moving towards new horizon with advanced technology, magnificent theme and visually efficient page editor. In fact, Gutenberg is a block editor which is similar to the learning modules of human brain in design and functions. Modular concept is included in the brainpage theory of learnography and knowledge transfer.

The new concept of Gutenberg editor is visually editing block, so content writing is focused on the website instead of difficult code writing. It is possible that magnificent webpage can be designed with the unique features of block editor. WordPress is an amazing platform and it has versatility, flexibility and allows us to make almost any type of websites. However, this facility makes very easy to overload the website with too many plug-ins. It means that there will be too much bloat on the webpage and the website performance will suffer and it will be slow in loading.

Gutenberg is block editor and modular in processing and it is possible in WordPress 5.0 to design intuitive webpage by using the advanced features of Gutenberg editor. Learnography is the system of book to brain knowledge transfer (BBKT) that can be launched in school system instead of the teaching theories of education. Learning transfer is processed in the working mechanism of human brain in the format of brainpage modules. Gutenberg is modular editor and block is processed to edit the layouts of web design. It will bring great advancement in the ecosystem of WordPress by providing users friendly environment in content management system (CMS).

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Pictures : Featured image from the WordPress, other images from the Pexels showing hardships and the individuals working on the computers

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Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal


Brainpage module is the building block of book to brain knowledge transfer

With a new block editor and Twenty Nineteen theme, WordPress reports its 5.0/ Gutenberg release will be the platform’s major release of 2018. It will be significant change in editing interface because WordPress 5.0 is coming with a block editor. We know that block segments are really the building blocks of our articles, front page and websites. The most important fact is that the Gutenberg editor is modular in editing and working, and it is more comfortable to the working mechanism of our brain. It is obvious that knowledge is transferred to brain circuits in the format of modular brainpage with spectrum and space definition.

Highlights :

  • The release of WordPress 5.0 will be announced on Thursday, December 6th, 2018. 
  • Twenty nineteen theme and Gutenberg editor may be announced with this release.
  • WordPress is moving towards new horizon with advanced technology, magnificent theme and visually efficient page editor.

It’s true that I’m writing this post from my smartphone using Android app, Chrome browser and new editor on the twenty sixteen theme. I saw the notification of new editor on my site and decided to know its functions practically. I am very excited that block editor is similar to the learning modules of brain in design and functions that I included in the brainpage theory of learnography and knowledge transfer.

Knowledge transfer of book to brain circuits happens in the format of brainpage modules for smart learning and high performance.

— Shiva Narayan

Yesterday, developers, page builders and users were active on the Twitter to chat about the WordPress 5.0 release and new block editor. One individual said, “I like Gutenberg. It’s a compromise between page builders that are overwhelming for some of our clients and simple wysiwyg. We use @wp_acf flexible content to make editing easier in the past (cause shortcodes bleh). But the realease of Gutenberg is too rushed.” The new concept of Gutenberg editor is welcomed everywhere for its unique features.

Other individual added, “There will be bugs, incompatibilities and so on. There are issues on github that won’t be resolved before release which are major for plug-in authors. So to realease it with 2day notice and close to Christmas and new year is not very thoughtful.” We must know that the team of core developers in the WordPress is working hard days and nights to release the product on time.

Learning how to use WordPress and its new editor is not more difficult in webpage designing, post writing and publishing. It’s a hugely powerful and configurable product, with a vast ecosystem of add-ons and extensions, so there’s a lot to learn and understand the formatting and architecture of webpage design. The web host might have a few WordPress related articles on its support site, but we have to run into real time difficulties to be perfect in design and configuration.

Most of the people were found anxious about the celebration of the Christmas and New Year. I also took part in the interaction and replied in this way. You are right ! There may be issues of bugs and incompatibilities. Finally, the users’ platform is significant to resolve all types of issues occurring in ecosystem through updates. Don’t worry. You will get enough time to celebrate Christmas and new year. I felt excitement while while writing this article on the new editor. Thanks

Pictures : The featured image from WordPress and brain image from the learnography

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Shiva Narayan
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Brainpage of mathematics modulated faster than literature, science or technology

Mathematics is a difficult subject for many students but it becomes very easy in the classroom of school learnography. Object language is always written in modular structure and mathematics is the subject of modular learning. The biology of our brain collects information and knowledge from the objects, events and formatting facts of surroundings and its learning is processed in modules. In practice, brainpage module becomes faster in mathematics to finish problem solving activities. Instance guided object learning (IGOL) is also effective in the numerical solutions of physics.

Updating process of skill and knowledge is the regular practice of learning activities. It plays a vital role in the advancement of science and technology. This is the phase of analyzing and reasoning in which errors and faults are detected and fixed in the processing of skill and knowledge. The update of intelligence goes through the whole life and generation to generation. It scans defects, errors and faults by detecting each of the limits and objects in the memory and logical centers of brain.

Update phase improves learning skills to define new functioning sets of objects and the understanding of predefined objects by describing arguments and reasons. This phase is valuable in attaining the critical state of learning in which the characters come to the brain centers one at a time and the muscular manipulation translates them one by one with high speed resulting in the 100% optimization of learning brain.

It is remarkable that the mistakes of chapter learning do not stay in exercise book or notebook, as they are the output of mistakes only. They lie in the learnography of brain centers, which are essential for learning brain to locate the actuality of knowledge. Children possess high brain potential to fix these mistakes through the process of revision and alteration.

It is obvious that blackboard page is the desktop of classroom learning. Children’s mistakes should be corrected through the living and dynamic blackboard effect of performance, not by correcting notebooks from teachers. Students can use their brain and fingers to update the mistakes in their notebooks and ultimately it will correct the mistakes present in the learning mechanism of brain.

Students like to allocate more time for talks, entertainments, sports, games and television watching. This is the school of chatpage where enjoyment facilities are encouraged but learning brainpage is never modulated to achieve high academic performance. In this way, less time is left to arrange the chances of updating knowledge. The learning brain of school chapters conducts the process of logical analysis and reasoning to update the sequences of knowledge objects.

Update phase is time taking process and the inputs of learning brain need the continuous supply of sequences and objects related to a definite task or project. If the sequences and objects of entertainment find enough space at the sensory inputs of working brain, certainty the updating process of chapter will be very slow for the hardships of children’s studies.

Cognitive science has been applied in school to promote the high quality of teaching techniques. Pedagogy of education system is the science of advanced teaching techniques and child psychology has been prescribed in school education to launch student centric and interactive classroom. But the learning mechanism of brain was never focused to make students active in learning process. It is the matter of happiness that the facts and findings of neuroscience will be introduced in classroom to improve the performance of school system.

In fact, neuroscience can convert teaching classroom into the learning space of brainpage making classroom. This is the modulation of learning mechanism for reading, writing and understanding. In my opinion, teaching performance is the waste of school hours. So, learning mechanism of brain science should be applied to develop the smart brainpage of knowledge chapter. Book to brain knowledge transfer is possible in the system of applied neuroscience for the plasticity and learnography of subject matter.

Resources :

  • Learning Mechanism of Brain
  • Critical State of Learning
  • Importance of Updating Process

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Learning process seeks active amygdala to modulate brainpage of subject matter

Modes of learning are triggered by the amygdala system of brain to launch the learning mechanism of knowledge in classroom. Learnography is the science of brainpage development which deals with the learning modules of amygdala system. Brainpage theory is everything in school system and the modulation of chapter is required to develop smart brainpage in learning process.

Amygdala system of brain is motivated in classroom to fix attention in listening process. Teaching proceeds and students goes in passive education. Amygdala is hijacked during instruction and brainpage is not made for academic performance. It is always suggested that students should be motivated for the effective learning of knowledge chapters.

Learning process needs active amygdala to modulate subject matter. Motivation is stressed in classroom to focus attention but brain needs the modulation of knowledge chapters to consolidate mapping, learning and memory. Students must make the brainpage modules of subject chapter for building of strong confidence. Brainpage making process runs in classroom for the real learning of knowledge chapters.

The brain of a child learns a number of objects, thoughts, events and happenings in surroundings and community which can regulate the action and behavior of living body. In fact, brain is the rider of physical body and the working mechanism of brain decides everything in life. Stored biological and cultural characters in long term memory also direct the working mechanism of brain.

Children in a classroom show different activities at the definite period of time. Whether these activities are related or not, they affect the learning mechanism of school system. Therefore, these events are called as the modes of learning. There are many types of modes such as real mode, culture mode, ready mode, task mode and safe mode. A child performs a particular type of activity in the definite mode of daily life.

In the real mode, a student is not configured to his learning job. He goes to the normal condition of his brain what it decides for chapter making or receiving. Brain activity is not altered to the environment of learning development. He plays, relaxes, talks, makes learning as a fun or feels lazy in classroom situations.

The biological characters of human brain brings the working mechanism of real mode in children. Meal, lunch, break, entertainment, talk and other life activities are the functions of real mode. Anger, fear, threatening, bullying and other harmful phases also come under the range of this mode. Seriousness for working and learning disappears and the behavior of cultural characters can’t be observed at defined space.

Learning brain may be photocopy machine to write solution details from the source page of knowledge chapter. But students have to utilize the problem solving capacity of brainpage machine to improve self-confidence. Brain learnography deals with the reactance of learnodynamics, reflected by the learning science of amygdala system. Brainpage is the reactance of source page that creates interactive space for instance guided thoughts processing.

Subject teacher is motivating students in classroom to make performance attractive and effective. But the amygdala system of brain becomes passive or dead during high motivation. Brainpage making process runs in classroom for the real learning of knowledge chapters. Brainpage module is the ultimate learning of knowledge chapter, work performance and specific experience.

Resources :

  • School Learnography
  • Modes of Learning
  • Real Mode of Life

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Students need skills of learning mechanism while training is not essential for teachers in learnography

The true picture of a teacher is the task moderator of classroom. They must be qualified in subject matter and will be able to moderate the learning segments of knowledge chapter.

The teacher knows how to develop smart brainpage and other materials for the learning activities of classroom performance.

Teaching is not necessary in learnography, so teacher training is not required. Much time is spent on motivation but learning potential doesn’t improve to work out the solution of tasks.

Skill development is necessary for students how to launch the brain modulation of knowledge chapters for learning, writing and understanding.

Advanced training is given to teachers for classroom performance but they are found weak in task moderation to help students in the modular learning of prescribed courses.

Educational degree and high class training of teachers are useless to develop smart brainpage for academic studies and performance.

In fact, we are spending huge amount of money on teachers’ training. We have to focus on brain learnography for the proper learning of subject matter and students will be able to bring positive changes in thought, behavior and working.

The learning process requires concentration and repetition in imaging, thinking and mapping. While functional brainpage is once acquired, solver skill runs smoothly, efficiently and almost thoughtlessly.

Learning skill is the acquisition of formatting motor patterns for autonomous studies and confidence building. In this way, learning brain will be motivated automatically to solve the problem of mathematics, science and literature.

The training of school learnography must be provided for students to be the active small teachers of classroom. They will be skilled how to learn chapter from source book as teachers do before classroom presentation.

We must differentiate that school learnography is the theory of big teacher and small teachers. This is very old system of human civilization to transfer skill and knowledge from one generation to another known as Taxshila Design School System.

In the beginning of learning process, brainpage making activities are found slow to acquire skill, knowledge and understanding. Students should not be pressurized to learn fast and make no mistakes.

Intense concentration is required in brainpage making process and fear system may harm learning success. The fear of classroom learning creates distraction in the amygdala system of brain and students will go on truancy to escape from painful classroom control.

After three weeks, the amygdala system of subcortical brain will be ready for brainpage making process.

Knowledge is written in the modules of object language, so brainpage modulation will be initialized to launch the spectrum and formator of knowledge chapter for working, learning and understanding.

School of learnography takes at least three years to modulate brain mechanism for the advancement of smart brainpage by bringing positive changes in attitude, attention and achievement.

The learning mechanism of students becomes very fast for the transfer of subject matter using book to brain theory.

How does number learnography differ from object learnography?

Mathematics is the science of number learnography which deals with the intuitive ideas of numerical patterns and the arithmetic operators of differential calculation.

It is easy to forget numbers but the memory of object definition and pattern like word and phrase can be remembered for long time. Priming effect of brain learnography is illustrated in the learning of numerical derivatives and the face factor of objective functions.

High class teaching is the first priority of school system, but high class chapter learning should be prioritized.

We do not care of learning skill needed to understand the subject matter of chapter. This is the skill of learnography to apply the dimensions of learning mechanism in thinking, processing and writing.

Training is not essential for teachers in learnography but students are trained in learning mechanism to apply the matrix, spectrum, formator, solver, compass and module of knowledge chapters.

After three months, brain modulation gradually becomes smooth and effortless. In the initial stage when matrix and spectrum are awkward, students have to focus on the uploading and downloading of knowledge chapters, especially on sourcepage, brainpage and zeidpage.

At the final stage, students can feel they don’t have to think at all for cognitive practices like implicit memory. Learning hardships will disappear from subject matter and mathematics will be an easy subject on the desks of classroom.

In this way, brain energy is properly utilized in the school of learnography and children can secure the operation of smart brainpage in learning process.

Spatial skill is crucial in using knowledge compass to locate specific definition and function for the application of object language.

We know that hippocampus is the search engine of brain and it also acts as a learning compass in brain learnography. It helps in exploring the subject matter of knowledge chapters for better understanding and learning.

We have to study the learning mechanisms of brain underlying motor skills. We can call it the finger mapping of knowledge chapters.

Finger learning is more important than the rational learning of cognitive science to make smart brainpage. That is why we have to study the motor organization of brain and spinal cord for the successful design of school system.

Brain science of learnography believes in the hard practice of predefined system rather than natural ability. Evolution is significant to acquisition of natural ability in which brain becomes capable of finishing difficult work on time.

The quality of education is still a matter of great concern when attendance rate, number of skilled moderators in the system, availability of equipment and development of brainpage modulation are evaluated. Problem of truancy may be resolved in learnography dealing with the amygdala system of brain.

Training of school learnography is given to students to be active small teachers of classroom system. Brain science is applied in school system to learn knowledge chapter instead of teaching performance.

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal