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White knowledge is embedded in the intuitive knowledge of human brain

Motivation is dopamine based pleasure releasing process for convincing and it may be addictive to student’s brain like opioids. So give kids the system of knowledge transfer instead of high, deep and long motivational teachings.

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High performing students make happiness classroom in the institution

Teaching is not the system of learning transfer but this is the performance of motivation, instruction and cognition. It means schools are running without the system of knowledge transfer. Thus, teachers are working in the classroom without the effective system of learning transfer. As a result, they are over stressed, burning out and facing the massive workloads in school system. Fix the defective system of classroom operating mechanism for high performing students and happiness classroom. Don’t fix and criticize the teachers.

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Learning process seeks active amygdala to modulate brainpage of subject matter

Subject teacher is motivating students in classroom to make performance attractive and effective. But the amygdala system of brain becomes passive or dead during high motivation. Brainpage making process runs in classroom for the real learning of knowledge chapters. Brainpage module is the ultimate learning of knowledge chapter, work performance and specific experience.

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Students make smart brainpage in real learning

School system must observe relativity theory of differential learnography to produce smart brainpage. Learning from brainpage is remarkable to achieve high academic success.