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Definition address is associated with naming address to form the functional objects of knowledge transfer

Young brain prefers object learning to text learning. Early childhood demonstrates pleasure seeking behavior, so motivation can’t be considered as a vital tool for the learning transfer of school system. Teaching gives conventional learning free from hardships and challenges. It may be comfortable for young brains but the knowledge page of subjects is always written in object language. Subject teacher reads and understands the course chapter in object language and then interprets it in human language for classroom teaching.

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Book to brain learning is direct approach to knowledge chapters

Fear of mistake is enemy of self-confidence but mistake plays vital role in development of smart brainpage. Inhibitory network of brain cells has ability to handle mistakes in learning process.

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School education was born from the evolution of human language

School system must be changed so that the modulation of brain learnography could take the place of school teaching.

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School provides education in human language but knowledge is written in object language

Intuition is ocean of dark knowledge where we can find all types of definitions, matrix and spectrum to generate learning potential in classroom learnography.