Knowledge transfer Learnography Neuroscience

Future of education is school learnography that conducts the brainpage theory of book to brain knowledge transfer

Learnology is the science of observation, learning and experience that is conducted to acquire knowledge and understanding from the facts, events and happenings of surroundings. It is also referred to the concept of analytical studies obtained from functional objects, book reading and lecture performance. But learnography is defined as the neuroscience of knowledge transfer that is processed in classroom for the learning, writing and understanding of our children.

We know that school is the place of knowledge transfer while the modular brainpage of students is the outcome of knowledge transfer. That is why the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer is the future of school education. It is remarkable that the zeid factors of cingulate gyrus project learning drives in brain circuits for the modulation of knowledge transfer. It’s crucial to hard working students while making brainpage in the learning process of classroom.