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  • Miniature school is collaborative classroom of school system that runs on the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer

    Students can learn the great lessons of knowledge transfer from the working mechanism and teamwork of flying honeybees. The collaborative teamwork of honeybees is amazing in the collection of nectar from flowers and the production of honey in the hexagonal cells of beehive.

  • Learning transfer is not conducted in the classroom

    School hour is spent mostly on teaching activities and students don’t get time to read, learn and solve the task problems of knowledge chapter in the classroom. The necessity of homework is justified because of the teaching theories.

  • Question is the first dimension of learning transfer to compete the tests with high scores

    Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s brain has advanced working mechanism to conduct knowledge transfer in learning process. In fact, the neuroscience of learning circuits describes the mechanism and motor application of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been evolved from the self-regulating mechanism of human intelligence (HI). We know that the technology of artificial intelligence is playing important part in data science through content categorization and object recognition.

  • Learning is knowledge transfer to student’s brain circuits

    These two illustrations provide factual evidences that cerebellar learnography is very powerful in the learning transfer of knowledge chapters. In my opinion, the fast learning transfer and smart brainpage modulation of children are associated with the development of strong cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry. These students can finish the complete span (Taxshila Span) of K-1 to Master’s Degree approximately five years earlier in life, if cerebellar learnography is launched successfully in the classroom by using the knowledge transfer of brainpage theory.

  • What are the differences between talking school and brainpage school?

    In neurological analysis, teaching process is considered as the one way talking of brain circuits. Instead of making brainpage in the classroom, young brains are motivated to watch and listen to teaching performance. Brain science of the learning transfer is not working in school system and student’s brainpage is not modulated in classroom for knowledge transfer. So, we have to convert talking classroom into brainpage making school. In fact, teaching system is not working on the brain science of learning transfer.

  • Learning transfer in mathematics is similar to the modular brain learning of bike riding

    The development of brainpage and high volume gray matter gives consistent deep learning to the cognitive part of brain circuits. Module building page in the object language of learnography can be made for the memory formation of long hours, defined as the stability in learning transfer. To apply the motor knowledge of brain circuits is the basic design of knowledge transfer in mathematics.

  • Happy Birthday ! Wish you smart brainpage in the knowledge transfer of classroom learnography

    Individuality is defined in physical body by the working circuits of human brain. The working mechanism of physical body is controlled and regulated by the different parts of brain. Therefore, the brain science of learning circuits must be focal point to provide high class academic performance in school system.

  • Human learnography is unique in the motor knowledge of skill development

    These students of the teamwork are really the small teachers of classroom. The core team of miniature school consists of only three students (superior, operator and modulator) to play decisive roles in the classroom management of learning environment. In fact, core team is the launcher of classroom learning transfer and the teacher acts as the moderator of support forum in practice. The concept of miniature school is based on the facts of support forum functions arranged for the advancement of science and technology.

  • Brainpage theory is based on the neurological studies of book to brain knowledge transfer

    It’s true that the most learning transfer of subject matter happens in the home learning of students. Therefore, we have to change the school system of knowledge transfer and then everything will be finished completely in the classroom using brain learnography, learning dimensions and brainpage modules.

  • Education to all or equal education to all?

    Teachers will have the facility of advanced EEG device in future classroom supported with artificial intelligence (AI) to see the standard of knowledge transfer and brainpage development in student’s brain. Classroom is built and maintained for learning transfer and it should be checked regularly in school system. This is the working mechanism of human brain, therefore, learning improvement should be verified weekly and finally, our students will return higher grades in the exams. So, this is the future of high performing schools and school leaders will have to appreciate the truth of teaching theories and learning transfer to student’s brain and behavior.