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What is the future school system of education?

Motor science deals with brain, body and behavior. The cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry of human brain provides training loops and students might be skilled as small teachers in the system of knowledge transfer. It also acts as consultancy service to suggest perfect performance in problem solving activities.

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High quality of skill, knowledge and experience required for hard working and good earning

Brainpage theory is everything in school system to modulate knowledge chapters in learning process.

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Students need skills of learning mechanism while training is not essential for teachers in learnography

Training of school learnography is given to students to be active small teachers of classroom system. Brain science is applied in school system to learn knowledge chapter instead of teaching performance.

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Education provides teaching equally to all students but they aren’t similar in performance

Learning brain doesn’t support teaching as it can’t modulate brainpage for learning. Teachers are blamed for low performance but there is a bug in education system.

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School education was born from the evolution of human language

School system must be changed so that the modulation of brain learnography could take the place of school teaching.