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  • Focused attention required in kid’s learning transfer

    It is amazing fact that a student can modulate 20,000 brainpage modules in one complete academic span of 15 years, but he needs only 5,000 brainpage modules to be intelligent in the learning process of knowledge transfer. Brainpage development is everything in the classroom that produces high performing students in school system.

  • Process and focus are important for high performing individuals

    Scientific system of knowledge transfer is required in the classroom, so teachers will launch effective system of learning transfer to produce high performing students in school ecosystem.

  • Why do young brains like to talk much in school?

    Brain science of the learning transfer is not working in school system and student’s brainpage is not modulated in classroom for knowledge transfer. So, we have to convert talking classroom into brainpage making school. In fact, teaching system is not working on the brain science of learning transfer.

  • Brain, body and behavior

    Students will process book to brain knowledge transfer by applying the working dimensions of brain circuits. The motor science of cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry can project high speed learning transfer to make the smart brainpage of subject matter in the classroom.

  • School 2020 runs on the knowledge transfer of motor science, brainpage theory and learnodynamics

    Our kids need the creative skills of pencil power for innovation and production to meet the requirements of working, earning and living. Whole education should be finished at the age of 20 years and also students must be free to work at the age of 20 years. December 20, 2020 is important day for School 2020 and Taxshila Model. The motor science of knowledge transfer can create high performing classrooms in school ecosystem.

  • Pencil power brings remarkable changes in the structure and function of student’s brain regions

    Knowledge transfer and pencil power of school system must be efficient and productive to provide learnography, food, houses, jobs and medicine for the livelihood of people. Learning without physical activities is useless and non-functional in the knowledge transfer of classroom. Neuroscience describes that the learning efficiency of cognitive and academic studies improves by the motor knowledge of physical activities.

  • To finish whole education at the age of 20 years

    Students are trained and skilled in the seven fields of school learnography to launch the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer in the classroom. Brainpage theory of student’s learnography is the neuroscience of knowledge transfer based on the working mechanism of brain circuits. Therefore, book to brain direct knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom instead of teaching performance.

  • Learning transfer of student’s brain becomes complete in school hours

    What counts in the classroom is not what the teacher teaches but it’s what students learn and make brainpage in knowledge transfer. In fact, brainpage is modulated in classroom from book to brain learning transfer. If students have any more trouble, miniature school (support forum) will be the best place to ask for help in problem solving activities.

  • Question is the function matrix of knowledge transfer in school ecosystem

    Class operator is the first miniature of collaborative classroom. He also works as an assistant moderator in the classroom and becomes a helping hand to assist the teacher in the process of knowledge transfer. Phase superior is the coordinator of seven miniatures and develops the happiness classroom of brainpage school for high performing students.

  • High performing kids return high scores from brainpage modules of knowledge transfer

    There is lack of brainpage development in school system, so right answers are not made in the exams to obtain high grades for academic achievement. Students need to apply the learning dimensions of knowledge transfer in the classroom to achieve outstanding success in life. It’s true that question is the first dimension of knowledge transfer used to develop brainpage modules in the learning circuits of student’s brain.