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Brainpage of knowledge transfer writes the goal, sketch and draft of working motor pathways for high performing students

Transfer of motor knowledge makes strong brainpage modules in the working circuits of student’s brain. We believe in the teaching power of education system but the pencil power of motor learning should be focused in the collaborative classroom of school system. Pencil power is the motor finger mapping of brain learnography that facilitates the advancement of knowledge chapters in the field of science and technology.

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Schooling of 10 years couldn’t change student’s brain sensibly and stop him from becoming school shooter

Classrooms must be running on the scientific system of brainpage development in which the fear factors of amygdala system will be rationalized and students may secure highly developed prefrontal cortex of the brain in knowledge transfer.

Learnography Neuroscience School 2020

Learning circuit of knowledge transfer is activated by the amygdala system of human brain

School shooting is the evidence of education failing in the knowledge transfer of school system. It happens when there is diminished volume of the gray matter particularly in the areas of ventromedial prefrontal cortex and orbitofrontal cortex and so amygdala system of the brain is not rationalized in learning process. It is remarkable that school shooter is a student or former student. We have to change the teaching theories of school system in which amygdala system will be rationalized and students may secure highly developed prefrontal cortex in knowledge transfer. School 2020 is the brainpage school of learnography. Academic knowledge is changed into emotional knowledge and then it is transformed into motor knowledge of performance. School 2020 is the brainpage school of knowledge transfer in which teaching is not necessary and homework is not required. Everything is finished in classroom. You can find the techniques, speed and format of work performance in the cerebellar learnography of human brain. This is the smart learning of knowledge transfer in which highly developed prefrontal cortex can be obtained during the learning process of classroom situations.