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Human learnography is unique in the motor knowledge of skill development

These students of the teamwork are really the small teachers of classroom. The core team of miniature school consists of only three students (superior, operator and modulator) to play decisive roles in the classroom management of learning environment. In fact, core team is the launcher of classroom learning transfer and the teacher acts as the moderator of support forum in practice. The concept of miniature school is based on the facts of support forum functions arranged for the advancement of science and technology.

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Learning initiative of kids develops in classroom from the architecture of miniature school

Brain learnography is the neuroscience of skill and knowledge learning. It is acquired from the brainpage modulation of amygdala mechanism. The experience of miniature school can explain the system integration of learning science and it may help them to become leading persons in the learnography of mathematics, science, research, technology, business or politics.

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Learning space of classroom creates miniaturized school for knowledge transfer

School learnography generates learning passion, initiatives and self-confidence in the brainpage making process of miniature school. Subject moderator is dedicated to provide high quality modulation for book to brain transfer through positive reinforcement with highly focused learning stream. Learning space of miniature school provides an excellent atmosphere for students to receive the training of leadership and teamwork in classroom situation.

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Students need learning space and brainpage making process in school system

School hostel is described as the lodging facilities of students especially for home learning. School warden is the head of hostel’s authority and learning environment must be managed for the academic performance of boarders. Any embarrassing activities of the warden can’t be torelated in school system. Hostel activities against the rules and regulations of institution may be catastrophic in nature to damage the goodwill and contributions of school authorities.

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No learnography no brain growth

Brain growth takes place when something is rehearsed physically for learning and working. Grey matter increases from the knowledge of object learning and white matter improves by the pathway learning of subject matter.

Education learning Learnography Neuroscience

High quality of skill, knowledge and experience required for hard working and good earning

Brainpage theory is everything in school system to modulate knowledge chapters in learning process.

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Modulator is helping hand of classroom to share brainpage in learning process

Brainpage school provides the training of modulator to develop leadership skill and teamwork practice in classroom system.

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Origin of creativity is the world of dark knowledge beyond imagination

Dark knowledge is main source of creativity that provides new sequence of smart objects.