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Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. This is the main theme of school learnography. The working mechanism of student’s brain is significant to the school system of knowledge transfer. And brainpage module is the software of working mechanism to apply motor science in reading, writing and understanding.

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Windows System of knowledge transfer

Everything is learnt in brain and everything is done by brain. Student’s brain has advanced working mechanism to conduct knowledge transfer in learning process.

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Whole education runs on the defective system of knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer to student’s brain doesn’t happen in the classroom in spite of massive workloads prescribed for the teachers. Our kids need the creative skills of pencil power for innovation and production to meet the requirements of working, earning and living.

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What is the motor science of classroom knowledge transfer? Does modified motor knowledge improve the learning transfer of autistic children?

The motor science of human brain is unique and most developed in biological evolution and genetics to advance the world of science and technology. It mainly comprises the three anatomical regions of brain such as motor cortex, basal ganglia and cerebellum connecting to whole central nervous system for knowledge transfer and brainpage development. We know that brainpage module is the software of working mechanism of human brain. In fact, motor cortex is localized in the frontal lobe of chapter brain and basal ganglia are a group of four nuclei, found in the insular region of limbic brain. Obviously, cerebellum is the important part of core brain that is activated during the brainpage making process of classroom.

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Main aspects of school system: knowledge transfer, skill development and high earning jobs

School is the place where knowledge transfer takes place for the development of student’s working brainpage. Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development in a country. Students must be skilled in the speed, techniques and format of knowledge transfer. This is the brainpage theory of school learnography in which […]