Home learning of students reflects brainpage theory of knowledge chapters

Every student wants good education and school system provides standard teaching for the learning of mathematics, science, technology and literature. Educational institution takes the long period of time to provide a degree for the success of secondary level performance. It is difficult to continue further studies because of low grades in academic achievement. Students are facing many problems in taking proper decision after the graduation of K-12 level.

High earning job is the priority of working life and high class professional skill is required for better employment and advanced workplace. So we have to bring changes in the classroom of our school system to provide opportunities for the building of productive workforce and bright future. Students receive the good teaching of education but quality learning of knowledge is not achieved.

High speed learning is obtained from the brainpage theory of knowledge chapters in which base objects are modulated for the development of definition spectrum. Students write the notes of subject matter and make the brainpage of learning and understanding for the preparation of tests and exams. Subject teacher also prepares brainpage before classroom presentation and modulates corresponding brainpage during performance. Therefore, brainpage modulation is the ultimate learnography of knowledge chapters and it must be prescribed in school system for quality learning and successful future.

1. Potentiality of small teachers

  • Learning energy of base objects comes from the development of knowledge spectrum.
  • Zeid current of knowledge becomes functional in brainpage processing.
  • Biology of knowledge chapters is evident in learning process
  • Regular rehearsals of cyclozeid in classroom
  • Accumulation of base objects to produce sequencing in segment formation

2. Synaptic potentials of learning brain

  • Neural force of brain is required to learn skill and knowledge.
  • Current of zeids is generated from the modulation of base objects and it is utilized to master the subject matter of tasks and solutions.
  • Biological learning of knowledge chapters
  • Subject is finished with the generation of learning energy.
  • High speed zeidstream is needed in quality learning to obtain high grades in the exams.

3. Object language returns fast learning

  • Language of spoken words is known as human language.
  • Language of functional objects is used to create knowledge chapter known as object language.
  • Dependency on human language in classroom teaching
  • School system forms the habit of big teacher’s help and performance for learning and understanding.
  • Consequences of ready made notes for answers and solutions

4. Levels and phases of learning

  • Blackboard learning, desk learning, home learning
  • Real learning from the language of base objects and knowledge modules
  • Outlines of intelligence processing
  • Scanning phase of knowledge spectrum
  • Knowledge face in formatting standard to build the structure of learning segments

5. Brainpage theory of home learning

  • To make exact and creative solutions and answers
  • Home learning is exercised to prepare brainpage for tests and exams.
  • Source book provides the knowledge objects of father teacher.
  • Book to brain knowledge transfer runs in home learning.
  • To improve the communicative ability of small teachers for the father teachers of source book

6. Spectrum of definition address

  • Smart brainpage of subject teacher is achieved from the LADBE of blackboard learning.
  • Performance of high grades is secured through the steady practice of chapter learnography.
  • Learning equality of small teachers in the quality of skill, knowledge and merit
  • Maximum reduction in the hardships of learning and understanding
  • Advanced bio-sensors of objects help in making exact and comprehensive solution.

7. Outcome of high speed zeidstream

  • Task matrix is emulated and solved using the encapsulation, derivation and polymorphism of structural objects.
  • Master object is the advanced form of base object.
  • Child object is the derivative of base object.
  • Building of solutions and answers by using the functions of advanced base objects
  • Result of exams based on the application of bio-objects, designs, methods and implementation

Brainpage is not made in classroom, instead teaching performance is given in school hours. Students become stressed during exams period to face hardships and challenges in writing answers. It is fact that the learning process of knowledge chapter starts in the amygdala system of brain. Chapter is modulated in the brain centers of learning mechanism. Finally, learning activity ends in the cerebellar learnography of skill, knowledge and merit.

Knowledge page is crucial to the learning success of students. There are five types of knowledge page – sourcepage, whitepage, brainpage, homepage and zeidpage. Whitepage is the page of blackboard performance. Subject learning of advanced base objects makes students brilliant in learning and understanding.

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Drawbacks of Education System

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  • Advantages of object language in learning process
  • Learning hardships in human language

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal


High speed solution of learning comes from the formatting phase of brain

White knowledge is learnt in school system to achieve academic performance but motor knowledge is applied at workplace for earning and living. We need knowledge, creativity and innovation for the advancement of science and technology. Dark knowledge is the source of creativity and innovation. Subcortical learning of brain is center for the deep learning of knowledge chapters.

There are five types of knowledge – rational knowledge, emotional knowledge, motor knowledge, intuitive knowledge and dark knowledge. Cognitive learning comes under rational knowledge and limbic learning is described in emotional knowledge. Implicit or procedural learning is responsible for skill development and it is defined as motor knowledge.

Format standard of learning is the phase of task, question, solution and answer. Format phase writes the complete solution of tasks in the learning brain. Blackboard operator performs at least three brief questions (B) at a time and after two such operations, the third learner will perform one descriptive question (D). Subject moderator maintains this rotation (3B+1D).

Classmates of miniature school finish about 40% of the chapter learning in this phase. They should try to learn the explanation, formatting and processing of knowledge objects from task solving activities. The logical analysis and motor learning of subject matter are finished in this phase.

This is the phase of high speed solutions. The items of format standard are brief answer, detailed solution, blank objects, selection of incorrect options, correct option, true/false statements and column matching. A student may make mistakes on the blackboard and they should not be embarrassed by classmates. Weak performance is an important tool for blackboard effect (LADBE). It must be listened to correct the mistakes in learning brain. The miniature must have polite and convincing face.

It is recommended that the palette of blank objects must have 12 units, incorrect option 3 units, correct option 3 units, true/false statements 12 units, column matching 12 units and high speed solutions 3B+1D. Each item runs in the proper sequence of phase wheel and the palette mentioned above is fixed for the operation of one learner. The same item for the previous learner should not be repeated in the next rotation of phase wheel.

Many questions are asked in the exercise of a chapter. These questions are called as collections and students needn’t create these collective questions. They will have to make answers only. In the format phase, students have to learn also how to make questions. This work is known as the processing of creative questions. It is obvious that question making is more difficult than answer writing. To create some questions, we have to read whole chapter to collect the matrix of knowledge.

Human brain is an automated biological machine, so it searches solutions immediately when a question is created. It is fact that a question comes first and then the answer follows it. In this way, students should remember that the question is important. A brilliant student has ability to make a large number of questions in related chapters.

The format phase has been designed for the building of a solution. Therefore, it is prepared from the set of master objects, modular sequences and child objects respectively. The brainpage mapping of this phase is opposite to the scanning and outline phases. Students must be able to differentiate between learning map and building map. They are given the learnographic lessons of subject matter to build up themselves as the small teachers of their standard. They will be transformed into the hardworking and dedicated learnographers of their classroom.

Brain learnography deals with the learning mechanism of knowledge chapters and skill development for reading, writing and learning. We know that our brain controls most of the activities of the body such as processing, integrating and coordinating the information it receives from sense organs. It also makes decisions as to the instructions sent to the rest of the body. The anatomy and functions of brain parts are described in neuroscience.

We recognize a person’s identity by the visualization of face factors. Thinking state of mind is also observed in face reflection. Anger, fear and pleasure all emotions are reflected on the outlook of face perception. So our face can demonstrate the hardships, failure and success of learning mechanism. The development of smart brainpage is also observed on face reflection and finger mapping.

We can evaluate the quality of brainpage modulation in learning process by reading body activities especially face and fingers. Patterns of face reflection act as the fMRI of brain learnography and the proficiency of finger mapping gives observation like the PET scan of neuroscience. The outcomes of school learnography may be examined with the advanced EEG machine of neuroscience. These instruments are never applied to decide the quality learning of academic chapters. But face reading and finger mapping can help to see the quality of brainpage learnography in school system.

Resources :

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  • Picture – Wikipedia
  • Types of Knowledge

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal

Book is the supreme teacher of knowledge chapters

The classroom of academy has a system of brain learning for the children known as the phases of learning system. Chapter is modulated, practiced and learnt in different phases like scanning, outline, formatting, updates and modulation.

This is not a teaching system but based on the principle of brain learnography defining the science of learning mechanism and brainpage development.

School learnography may be considered as the transformation of education system. The special feature of learning science is classroom technology (C-TECH) that writes the learnographs (knowledge and skill) in brain and enables scholars (students) to be fast learners and self-confident.

Brainpage is generated from the learnograph of science, mathematics and technology. The brain cells of learnograph consist of the sequential learning of task and solution to build the blocks of functional and valuable objects.

Students become the small board operators of school learning called small teachers. They have to modulate brainpage as the teacher makes brainpage during or before performance. They share blackboard learning with their classmates through the process of blackboard’s effect and brain modulation.

Classroom has potentiality to contribute the learning experience from mistakes and making changes. This perspective directs students towards the creation of functional and vibrant modules.

Institution seeks to provide the sequential learning of subject matter with the guidelines defined in the prescribed syllabus adopted by the government, ministry of education. In this way, school system is formulated to provide quality education for progress and development.

The integrated courses of science, mathematics, literature, technology and other subjects are designed and written by curriculum development center. These structured courses have been accounted for the classroom learning of children.

School learnography prepares children for brainpage development so that they can acquire a good knowledge of those subjects and respond sensitively to the changes in scholastic thinking and comprehensive ideas.

During the development of classroom technology, it has been observed that a child starts the learning of knowledge with the definition of objects and then it is followed by naming address.

We know that the standard system of classroom learning can give the right quality of knowledge and skill to all the children reading in a particular class.

Spectrum of knowledge chapter is restructured with the learnography of child object and master object for the advancement of modern education.

The combination of naming and definition addresses constitutes the learnography of child object. The sequences of chapter learning are created by the processing of child objects and these sequences are encapsulated to form master object.

The master objects of learnography are the components of solution prepared for a specific task and associative memory.

Learning a solution and making a solution both are different processes. Classroom is designed for learning solutions but workplace is managed for making solutions.

The scanning and outlining phases of knowledge chapter have been designed for the learning of modular solution. In this process, matrix operation is performed from the set of child objects, segment sequences and masters. Child object is derived from naming address and definition address.

Classroom lecture is delivered in human language when book is written in object language. The miraculous discovery of human civilization is the book writing of invention and knowledge chapters.

Books are the creative works of father teachers and this is the development of object knowledge for science and technology.

Book is the supreme teacher of many teachers in which facts, findings, event and responses are stored for the use of future generation.

Book is the language of father teachers and we must develop learning techniques to acquire skill, knowledge and merit in object language.

Working and learning produce new memories and they are embedded in old memory. Therefore, learning is the association of brain imaging in which new object is described with predefined object.

The statement of object language is associated with the feeling and emotions of amygdala, the subcortical part of brain systems.

Launching cyclozeid, making brainpage and writing zeidpage are the regular procedures of amygdala learnography to consolidate learning and memory for knowledge modulation.

Phases of learning are not teaching system but based on brain learnography defining the science of learning mechanism and brainpage development in school system.

Shiva Narayan Jha
Golden Star Secondary School
Rajbiraj, Nepal