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Personalized Knowledge Transfer

Smart brainpage of solutions will produce high performing students in the classroom of high speed learning transfer. In fact, the dimension of module builder launches the solution building process of chapter tasks in the collaborative classroom. The cerebellar basal ganglia motor circuitry of human brain describes the visuo-motor learnography of knowledge transfer which is very powerful to reflect positive changes in the attitude and behavior of student’s brain.

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Why do young brains like to talk much in school?

Brain science of the learning transfer is not working in school system and student’s brainpage is not modulated in classroom for knowledge transfer. So, we have to convert talking classroom into brainpage making school. In fact, teaching system is not working on the brain science of learning transfer.

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To finish whole education at the age of 20 years

Students are trained and skilled in the seven fields of school learnography to launch the brainpage theory of knowledge transfer in the classroom. Brainpage theory of student’s learnography is the neuroscience of knowledge transfer based on the working mechanism of brain circuits. Therefore, book to brain direct knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom instead of teaching performance.

Education Learnography Neuroscience

Learning mechanism of academic knowledge must be transformed into the working mechanism of motor knowledge

Cerebellum of the human brain is the miniaturized form of cerebrum. Motor knowledge is produced in the cerebral cortex of brain. While motor knowledge is rehearsed in basal ganglia and precise motor knowledge develops in cerebellar learnography. There are seven basic parts of the brain learnography. Book cortex (1), pencil cortex (2) and knowledge cortex (3) are the regions of cerebral cortex. Association cortex acts as the learnogram of knowledge transfer. The fourth part of learnography is basal ganglia that act as the cyclozeid of learning mechanism. Diencephalon is the core of brain mechanism and this is the fifth part of learnography considered as the launcher of knowledge transfer. Cerebellum is the sixth part of learning mechanism which is known as the modulator of motor knowledge. The seventh part of learnography is brainstem that is responsible for the survival systems of life.