Learnodynamics of knowledge transfer for high performing students

Students are transformed into the small teachers of learning process. This is the taxshila design of school system. Learning must bring the standard of teacher’s quality in student’s achievement and behavior through knowledge transfer and brainpage modulation.

Fruit of skill and knowledge chapters is the high earning job of learnodynamics

Motor science and its learnodynamics

Knowledge is created on desk, applied in work and made productive in the market. This is the learnodynamics of knowledge transfer and brainpage modulation. Learning may be zero or non-functional if the reactance of learnodynamics is not returned in knowledge transfer and learning process. Reactance is produced by the stimulus of perceived sensitivity to start learning initiatives of brain systems. The development of smart brainpage is learning quality to acquire high academic performance. Task, time and brainpage are moderated in learnography to secure excellent grading in school performance. Education makes a person perfect in working, learning and understanding. Behavior is changed and thought is rectified with studies and experience.

What is the reactance of learnodynamics needed in the learning transfer of student’s brain?

Creativity and innovation should not be encouraged in school level because the chapters of old knowledge are practiced to learn facts, theories and applications which are already tested or verified. Education is mainly dependable on teaching performance in which learning reactance is not reflected in the classroom. It is possible when brain is processing the motor activities of learnography to finish the performance of a particular work. Brainpage may be bad or incomplete if the knowledge of source page is not uploaded to the learning streams of student’s brain. The bad brainpage of subject matter can’t generate the reactance of learnodynamics to improve learning potentials and mistake correction. Learning brain is observed dead when it doesn’t return reactance to the objective function of learnodynamics.

Who is working in the classroom?

Classroom gives the presentation of subject teaching and students spends time on listening and watching in passive learning mode. We know that brainpage develops from the work performance of motor science but students are not working to make their brainpage in the classroom. In school system, teaching activities are focused in the classroom and the teacher is found active in motivation and lesson presentation. So teachers are making their own brainpage of working skill and required knowledge chapters. Students will make the brainpage of topics at home. Homework is given to kids and tired parents have to face problems while providing guidance. In fact, home is not school and all parents are not teachers.

The teacher also makes the brainpage of subject matter before the performance of chapter teaching. Learning should be accomplished like teachers do in the study of source books. First be a good teacher and then acquire the learning of knowledge chapters.

Happiness Classroom

What are the benefits of brainpage development?

Brainpage provides high reactance to the working mechanism of student’s brain. The matrix (queries) of knowledge chapter always produces learning stimulus to activate the sensory systems of brain mechanism. The reactance of objective function generates learning response for the working mechanism of brain modules. Blackboard performer conducts mostly three types of brain activities – speech broadcast, page writing and visual imaging. Cyclozeid is crucial for good learning and long term memory. It is a door to new ideas and innovation. Segment cycling goes on to develop smart brainpage in the process of knowledge transfer and loop formation is launched on the learning streams of cyclozeid until student’s target is achieved.

How does creativity differ from existing knowledge?

Creating new knowledge is difficult task and mostly it is carried out in university or at workplace. School education provides the learning of existing knowledge to perceive and utilize skill and learning quality for high academic performance. Modern education is digital so knowledge chapters should be learnt in object language. New chapter is always uneasy for understanding and learning. It is often discussed that teaching can simplify difficult lesson and students will know new chapter without hardships. It’s not true in real practice because students cannot make required brainpage from teaching. New knowledge develops from creativity and it is processed in the visuo-spatial learnography of cerebral cortex running in imagination. Brain imaging sudden comes in visualization and we start to think along pathways and landmarks liberating specific zeids. The cycling of imaging and mapping collects new thoughts and ideas using the zeid markers of learning mechanism.

Why are modern schools running on the ineffective system of knowledge transfer?

Teaching is everything in school system and it conducts learning transfer in the classroom. It’s not true because brain learning remains incomplete and teaching can’t help in problem solving activities. Learnography is the alternate form of education. Task is moderated in school hour instead of teaching. Formatted brainpage recognizes the necessary pattern of subject matter and segment solver is prepared to know new knowledge and hard task. School learnography is more important than home learnography but teaching is performed in school hours. Brainpage theory can change students into the small teachers of classroom. Brainpage school is the concept of big teacher and small teacher in which the quality and knowledge of big teacher is transferred to students. This is the standard unit of evaluation applied to observe the outcome of learning process in school ecosystem.

Students are transformed into the small teachers of learning process. This is the taxshila design of school system. Learning must bring the standard of teacher’s quality in student’s achievement and behavior through knowledge transfer and brainpage modulation.

School 2020

Brainpage School

Happiness Classroom ! Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. To be high performing students, make brainpage in collaborative classroom by applying the seven dimensions of knowledge transfer. The motor science of knowledge transfer should be launched in the classroom for the learning development and brainpage modules of Autistic or ADHD students. Let the students use motor knowledge to make smart brainpage in the classroom from book to brain direct learning transfer. The cyclozeid of knowledge transfer is rehearsed in the classroom to produce high speed zeidstream in the working mechanism of brain circuits.

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    Very thoughtfull .

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    Thanks ! It’s a little bit related to the neurological studies of learning circuits. Education is mainly based on the teaching theories of school system, so it’s hard to convince that students can acquire knowledge transfer and develop brainpage without teaching in the classroom.

    Be happy and stay safe.
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