Learning from teaching activities is the pedagogy of education system while learning from brainpage making process is the brainpage theory of school system. That is why book to brain knowledge transfer is focused in learnography.

Learnography means reading, writing and making brainpage in knowledge transfer

We know that teaching is everything in school education and it is universal truth as the sun rises in the east. Students receive learning from teaching performance but the brainpage development of subject matter is not obtained in classroom. Learning mechanism of brain doesn’t support teaching theories to transfer knowledge efficiently in the learning process of subject chapters.

Teachers are making their own brainpage in school education but students are modulating their brainpage in school learnography.

Homework is given to kids for the practice and learning of chapter tasks. It is fact that home is not school and parents are not teachers. Neuroscience has revealed important facts and findings about the learning and working mechanism of brain.

Children ! Make Brainpage in the Classroom.

Cerebellar learnography is the ultimate learning of knowledge chapters. Functions of amygdala and hippocampus have been discovered in the field of neurological studies. Thus, brainpage theory of knowledge chapters is everything in the classrooms of school learnography.

High academic performance requires the smart brainpage of skill, knowledge and experience to get success in the advancement of science and technology.

Homework is not required and children may be free at home to finish other tasks. Brain science is practiced in learning process to maintain procedural and declarative methods.

Requirements are well-defined space, task, time, voice and moderation to invite proper changes in aptitude, behavior and thinking. So the discipline of brainpage making is needed in classroom learnography.

Education depends on the teaching of courses while learnography comes from the practice of brainpage modulation. Architecture of brainpage is hidden in intuitive knowledge and smart learning is derived from the cyclozeid of brain working mechanism.

It can promote self-learning for confidence building but pedagogy always gives dependent learning and confidence building factor is lost in teaching.

Brain learnography brings changes in plasticity to transfer skill, understanding and subject matter for the improvement of working capabilities and future building factors.

Knowledge learning is the first priority of school system. We do not care of learning skill needed to understand the subject matter of chapter. This is the skill of learnography to apply the dimensions of learning mechanism in thinking, processing and writing.

A Classroom of Small Teachers

Training is not essential for teachers in learnography but students are trained in learning mechanism to apply the matrix, spectrum, formator, solver, compass and module of knowledge chapters.

School 2020 is the concept of big teacher and small teacher in which the quality of big teacher is standard evaluation applied to observe the outcome of learning process.

Learning must bring the standard quality of teacher into student’s achievement through brainpage modulation. This is the brainpage theory of learning mechanism.


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