Direct School Education Neuroscience

Insular system of student’s brain working as the central hub for learning transfer

Teaching system of education is the MS-DOS of classroom operating system (CROS), while learnography is the Windows System of book to brain direct knowledge transfer.

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Book to brain direct knowledge transfer is conducted by the cyclozeid of sourcepage, brainpage and zeidpage

Knowledge transfer for students is the main aspect of school education. It is performed through teaching process in the classroom and the teacher shows learning initiatives for the progress and achievements of students. Obviously, knowledge is transferred from teachers to students in education system and this is the conventional learning of pedagogy. In classroom performance, the teacher becomes very active and students goes in passive learning mode.

The learning mechanism of student’s brain is not working properly for the long term potentiation of memory formation. Brain learnography is the neuroscience of skill and knowledge learning. It is acquired from knowledge transfer and brainpage development. The collaboration of miniature school can explain the system integration of learning science and it may help students become leading persons in the learnography of mathematics, science, research, technology, business or politics.

A system of the direct school is observed in school learnography in which knowledge is transferred directly from source book to learning students and subject teacher acts as a subject moderator. This is the brainpage theory of book to brain transfer and teaching isn’t necessary in the classroom. Hence, subject teacher will be transformed into class moderator to guide kids in brainpage making process. The learning mechanism of brain is mainly based on the neuroscience of insular system and cerebellar basal ganglia circuitry but it is not followed in school system.

We know that the father teacher is the creator of knowledge chapters and students learn chapters from the father teachers in the system of direct school. Students also show learning initiatives in the miniature school of collaborative classroom. They make smart brainpage using the visuo-spatial learnography of brain to know and understand the chapters of mathematics, science and technology.

Matrix book, spectrum book and five source books are launched in the classroom by class operator, system modulator and five subject heads respectively. They are responsible to conduct the brainpage processing of book to brain learning transfer to produce high performing students in happiness classroom. Miniature school creates the environment of learning transfer for the classroom operating system (CROS) of brainpage school.

By Taxshila 2020 - A New Frontier of School System

Learning is knowledge transfer to brain known as learnography, the universal theory of reading, writing and working. Book is the transfer source of knowledge and student’s brain is the transfer target of learning. This is the working design of happiness classroom. Creativity, will power and working desires are found very high in young brains. Whole education should be finished at 20 years of the age and also students must be free and qualified to work after the age of 20 years. This is the architecture of Taxshila 2020.

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